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Overstim's Amelix bar
Amelix 亞美力能量棒(杏仁,橘皮及瓜果)
  • 體積細少,是濃縮的能量來源
  • 高能量,高性能能量棒
  • 含碳水化合物,脂肪和蛋白質,專為長時間的體能運動而設
  • 口感軟滑,運動時容易食用
  • 運動時,可與Overstim's運動飲品一併使用
  • 高能量價值,特別為長時間運動或于惡劣天氣下(高山,大雨,颳風)運動而設
  • 當運動,閒暇或工作要補充能量時,可隨時食用

Overstim's Protein bar
  • 含豐富蛋白質(30%)
  • 含豐富支鏈胺基酸群
  • 說明修復肌肉品質
  • 保障肌張力的恢復性
  • 有調整肌肉作用,可練習前2小時進食
  • 長時間運動,配合Overstim's神仙運動飲品,Spordei運動餐和能量膠
  • 運動後,馬上使用1-2條蛋白能量棒,再加Overstim's運動後修復飲品
  • 在纖體或健美過程中,可當零食用

Overstim's Authentic Bar
The AUTHENTIC BAR energy bar meets the specific nutritional needs of athletes, by providing:
  • A selection of quality ingredients (rice syrup, oat flakes, fruit, etc.)
  • Very tasty flavours (Chocolate Peanut, Red Fruits, Banana - Almonds)
  • Just the right amount of energy
  • Antioxidants
  • High in calories (+250 Kcal / bar)
  • Tasty flavour

Overstim's Organic bar
  • 高能量,商性能能量棒
  • 專為長時間及耐力體能運動而設
  • 美味的能量來源,長時間運動時也可容易食用各消化
  • 計畫時,可與Overstim's運動飲品一併使用
  • 高能量價值,特別為長時間運動或于惡劣天氣下(高山,大雨,颳風)運動而設
  • 任何時候都可當做零食

Overstim's Perf'n Delice
Perf'n Delice 運動極樂能量棒
  • 混合了美味的水果和穀物類
  • 是長時間運動的充饑思物
  • 超柔軟口感,當體能透支時,進食非常容易入口的能量棒為重要
  • 最美味的Overstim's能量棒
  • 于練習或比賽時,配合Overstim's神仙水運動飲品一併使用,並有規率乎每次進食少量

Overstim's Fruity energy bar
The strengths of this product :
  • High content in progressive carbohydrates
  • Rich in fruits and vitamin c
  • Soft texture

The OVERSTIM.s Fruity energy bar is a fruit concentrate which combines flavour and energy for an excellent energetic stability during physical exertion.

Marvellously soft and delicious, the OVERSTIM.s Fruity energy bar can be taken as a complement of the OVERSTIM.s sports drinks during training sessions or competitions.

The nutritional density of this bar (energy, vitamin C, sugars, cereals) and its light texture make it particularly suitable for all sports practice (running, cycling,...).

Overstim's Chocolate-magnesium bar
  • 含碳水化合物,為長時間計畫提供高效能量
  • 含豐富小麥胚芽,提供天然營養包括維他命E,B1B6,,B9和維生素PP,及鎂,鋅,鈣,鐵質,錳和磷
  • 含豐富針葉櫻桃,天然營養包括維他命C,適合各類運動
  • 鬆脆度適中,適合於練習或比賽期間食用,配合Overstim's 神仙水運動飲品效果更佳
  • 練習前小食,練習前1小時進食
  • 運動期間,有規率地每次進食少量,並配合Overstim's神仙運動飲品和能量膠
  • 為中度運動提供能源

Overstim's Savoury bar
  • 克服體內糖分飽和,有助運動期間,失去味覺時食用
  • 適合長時間運動食用
  • 口感鬆軟,帶鹹味
  • 有規率地每次食少量,並配合Overstim's神仙水運動飲品和能量膠

Overstim's Fruit'n Perf antioxidant
The strengths of this product :
  • Rich in fruit (51% fruit pulp)
  • Rich in the antioxidant zinc
  • Contributes to having normal energy metabolism (vitamin B1)

Fruit'n Perf fruit jellies for sport precisely meet the needs of athletes, providing:

  • carbohydrates that help to improve performance and endurance
  • vitamin B1 that helps achieve normal energy metabolism
  • antioxidant properties (zinc)
  • high fruit content (51% fruit pulp), natural flavourings

Thanks to their soft texture, Fruit'n Perf fruit jellies can be eaten effortlessly and easily assimilated by the body during exercise.

There is also a caffeine version of Fruit'n Perf.

PowerGel 41gr

When your entire body begins to burn, when the challenge has taken you to the max, fuel up with PowerGel® Energy Gels. Each Gel is designed with 27-28 grams of PowerBar’s C2MAX dual source energy blend, which can help deliver 20 to 50 percent* more energy to your muscles. Not only that, PowerGel® Energy Gels have the most sodium** of any leading gel on the market.

So if you’re the type of athlete that continues to push yourself on to new heights and achievements each day, PowerGel® Energy Gels can help boost your performance.

Squeezy Energy Fruit Gum 50gr
The ENERGY FRUIT GUM is a ideal alternative to conventional Energy Gels. The one sachet á 50 g provides athletes with 36 g of carbohydrates. This corresponds to 1 – 2 sachets of Energy Gels.

NECTAR Hydro (20x Tablets)

NECTAR Hydro is the first great tasting sports hydration tablet delivering 5-ion electrolytes (calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and sodium). Hydro creates a hypotonic solution to help maintain optimum hydration levels. It’s also virtually calorie free, with just 1.3-2kcal per 100ml, and has a light and refreshing taste, ideal for consumption before, during and after sport or exercise. Hydro contains no artificial colours and is flavoured naturally.

Simply add a Hydro tab to 500-750ml water in your sports bottle, and wait for it to quickly dissolve. Each 20 tab tube makes up to 15 litres of drink, and whilst priced at £6.99, each electrolyte sports drink costs just 35p making NECTAR Hydro excellent value for money.

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